Dyffryn Mining Co. Ltd

Formed in 1885 as The Dyffryn Mining Co. by the proprietors of Mostyn Ironworks (presumably Mostyn Coal & Iron Co) [Down 1980: 5].

Incorporated22 November 1888
ObjectsTo aquire Dyffryn Mines near Barmouth (presumably Hafotty)
Registered Office14 Newgate Street, Chester
100 Queen Victoria Street, London
Original Capital£5,000 as 5,000 shares of £1 each, issued 2800 (1889), 3625 (1895)
Major Shareholders
1889  C B Phillips 400
Robert Jones 995
(22 other members held the remaining 1408 shares)
1895J W MacQueen 615
Charles Henry Mason 300
Samuel Pope 1088
Alfred Vaughan Stevens 344
Harry James [sic.] Wright (foreman) 446
Robert S Wayne 550
(9 other members held the remaining 282 shares)
Directors1891  Samuel Pope (chairman)
Company SecretaryT J Powell
A S Barnes
1885–1887  Harlech
1887–1890Cwm Mawr No. 1
1888–1889Coed and Lletty Walter
1889–1994Graig Uchaf
1891–1894Cell Fawr
Disolved17 June 1898
[PRO BT31/4275/27734]

The company appears to have been setup following an agreement dated 15th November 1888 between Philips, Robert Jones and William Wright (the vendors) and the Company regarding the purchase of leases and options granted to Joshua Lancaster and the Dyffryn mines, lately worked by Lancaster, which were then owned by the vendors. Under this agreement Philips was to receive a royalty of 9d (3.75p) / ton on all ores from the mines and on all ores obtained by the vendors from any mine within 6 miles of the coast between Barmouth and Talsarnau (presumably as a means of limiting competition). The purchase price of this agreement was £2400 as £400 in cash and £2,000 in fully paid shares.

On the 8th December 1888 the Mining Journal [MJ 1888 p. 1388] reported that the company had been set up with the object “to aquire by purchase the Dyffryn Copper Mines and Smelting Works, situate near Barmouth, in the county of Merioneth, Wales, with the leases thereof, plant, machinery, stock, and ore &c.” However, the Home Office Lists of Mines do not show the company as having worked or having had any connection with copper or any other mines other than the manganese workings listed above. The “Dyffryn Copper Mines and Smelting Works” cannot be identified.

On 5th January 1891 Samuel Pope bought 3025 shares from other shareholders for the sum of 2,200. [Agreement 5th January 1891]

An agreement was made dated 14th October 1891 between James Wilson MacQueen (the vendor) and the Company, mentioning that MacQueen held a take note from the Crown dated 24th March 1890 of Hendre mine and had spent £1,685 on it and sold ore for £1,065, for MacQueen to sell the mine to the Company for £600 in shares. However, the company does not appear as the owner of Hendre in the Home Office lists of mines.

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