Egryn to Barmouth

The mines from Egryn in the north through Hafotty, Cell Fawr and Cell Fechan to Barmouth in the south form one almost continuous working of the manganese outcrop over a straight-line distance of some 5.1km.

graphic: map Egryn Hafotty Cell Fawr Cell Fechan Barmouth Dinas Oleu Garn

Egryn1835–1840, 1917–c.1924
Hafotty1885–1894 (1917–c.1924 ?)12,204 tons
Cell Fawr1891–1894954 tons
Cell Fechan1899–1903867 tons
Barmouth1886–18911,265 tons
Dinas Oleu

graphic: plan Barmouth DinasOleu