I Lewis

1918  owner Rhinog

Possibly the Ifor Lewis who discovered the ‘Cwm Nant Col hoard’ in 1918.

In 1918, Ifor Lewis, a workman digging for manganese, near Llanbedr, Gwynedd found a remarkable hoard from the late medieval period. The hoard had been concealed in a cavity beneath a large stone on rough ground on the south side of Cwm Nant Col. It contained items made of copper, alloy and iron including an ewer, a cauldron, two skillets and a hand tray, domestic items that would have been found in the kitchen of a wealthy household. The earliest object, a late thirteenth century or early fourteenth century 'aquamanile', in the form of a stag was a vessel for holding liquid and would have been used for ceremonial hand-washing in a church, monastery or at the feast table. [Redknap 2004]