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photo: bucketFrame
Photograph John Ruston 2000

Riveted steel frames of buckets

The frame dimensions are aproximately .51 m x .53 m. The sides of the bucket slope in at about 20° to the vertical.

photo: bucketFrame

The lower picture is of another bucket frame at SH60052034 (December 2006). The upward-pointing tongue on the right-hand side of the frame would have been engaged by a catch on the carrying yoke – releasing the catch would allow the bucket to tip and empty its load. Some of the sheet iron material of the bucket is visible behind the frame.

Both bucket frames appear to have been left on the route of the line.

Local folk-lore has it that miners used to speed their journey to work by taking a (prohibited) ride up the mountain in the buckets. It must have been a tight squeeze considering the size of the frame. [Ruston 2000] There is also currently at least one surviving person who relates how he rode in a bucket as a child. [Jones, G 2002]

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